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Hair Growth Breakthrough

Hair Growth Breakthrough

Hair Growth Breakthrough Our hair is very important to all of us. We must take care of our hair, which complements our style, complements our combination, and creates a signature effect. The cut, color and length of our hair reflect our character. But not everyone may be so lucky about hair. Hair loss is a common problem. Stressful times, depression, genetic factors, medical medication use, and irregular or malnutrition can lead to hair loss. Hair loss is more common in men than in women. But thanks to the developing technology, experts have also found temporary and permanent solutions to this problem. In our hair growth breakthrough article, we will talk about these solutions.

Hair Loss

People can experience the problem of hair loss for dozens of reasons. These causes can be environmental factors, air pollution, stressful times, fatigue and malnutrition, chronic diseases, some drugs used, hormonal causes, genetic predisposition, and harmful chemicals such as dye applied to hair. A Normal person’s periodic hair loss can last up to 2 months. This period has been considered normal by scientists. But hair loss longer than two months is not a good omen. If a person sees that their hair is seriously sparse, they should first go to a doctor.

Women should pay much more attention to this issue. Because men face much more problems with hair removal due to their hormonal predisposition. So, this is a more normal problem for men than for women. But the scientific world has also been a cure for the problem of self-confidence that hair loss creates in people. Hair growth breakthrough comes to people’s aid like a miracle.

Why Men Are More Likely to Face the Problem of Baldness?

Hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss. This is because the biggest cause of hair loss is that the hormone testosterone makes the hair follicles hypersensitive. For this reason, the problem of baldness is more common in men. In this type of hair loss, known as genetic hair loss, the loss begins from the forehead. And it goes to the neck of the person whose hair is falling out. As age progresses, the person’s baldness rate increases. Testosterone is a hormone found more in men. It is even a male hormone. Therefore, most people who go to clinics for hair transplant surgery are men. Yes, you heard me right. Hair transplantation is the main topic of this article, the hair growth breakthrough itself. This method is also applied in men and women, but still hair implants for men are one of the most sought-after issues.

Hair Growth Breakthrough

Hair growth breakthrough, that is, hair transplantation operation has been known to everyone in the last 10 years. In short, in the procedure, the specialist takes the hair follicles from the patient’s hair area and transplants them to the bald part of the body, called the ‘receiving area’. This procedure is usually performed in male patients. This is because baldness is more common in men due to excess testosterone hormone. A person who specializes in this aesthetic operation transplanted genetically resistant hair follicle structures into the bald scalp. Hair transplantation can be applied not only for hair, but also after hair loss in areas such as eyebrow lashes. This hair growth breakthrough is also a miraculous solution for patients who have previously undergone chemotherapy.

What Are the Hair Growth Breakthrough Types?

There are many techniques of hair growth breakthrough. The best known of these are as follows:

  • Manual Hair Transplantation
  • DHI Hair Transplantation
  • Hair Transplantation Without Shaving
  • FUE Hair Transplantation
  • PRP Supported Hair Transplantation
  • Percutaneous Hair Transplantation
  • Golden Tip Hair Transplantation
  • Ice Graft Hair Transplantation

Manual Hair Transplantation

Manual hair transplantation is the first technique applied in hair transplantation. So, we can call it the first hair growth breakthrough. A person who specializes in this method removes the hair follicles one by one. Manual hair transplantation technique is the ancestor of all FUE hair transplantation techniques currently used. Experts cut the skin around the hair by rotating it with the help of fingers. Then they remove the hair follicles. Finally, they manually plant the hair in the same way. The logic is the same as FUE hair transplantation. But this process is slower because it is manual.

DHI hair transplantation

This hair growth breakthrough technique is one of the most known techniques. In the DHI (direct hair implantation) method, the specialist takes the hair follicles from the donor area one by one. During this process, choi uses a medical pen. The specialist transplanted the follicles into the recipient area with this pen. It is much faster than manual hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

Currently, the method of unshaven hair transplantation is not a very preferred method in clinics. A person who specializes in unshaven hair transplantation does not shave the front and upper parts of the hair. In this method of hair transplantation, the specialist only shaves the donor area at the back of the head. For people with long hair, it is advantageous to choose this method. Latest in Hair Restoration

FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplantation technique, which has been applied since 2004, is the most preferred hair transplantation method of clinics and patients today. A specialist takes the hair follicles one by one with a needle with micro motors. No surgical procedure is required. After taking the hair follicles with a micromotor-tipped needle, it transplanted them to the bald area. An average hair transplant specialist can plant an average of 3,500 hair follicles in the necessary areas in a single session. Experts guarantee that there will be no trace of this method. Specialists use local anesthesia instead of full anesthesia.

Golden Tip Hair Transplantation

Gold-tipped hair transplantation is a highly effective technique that experts use to nourish hair follicles. Gold-Tip hair transplantation, which can be used for both female and male patients, allows the hair to reproduce by the scalp the substances it needs to be healthy and strong. Experts inject some substances that strengthen the hair follicles into the scalp with a golden needle.

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