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Hair Transplant Cure

Hair Transplant Cure People start the change primarily from the hair. The biggest indicator of change is hair. Hair loss or baldness is a condition that directly affects people’s psychology. Hair transplant cure methods have been developed to prevent hair loss. There are multiple techniques and hair transplant cure methods. The causes of hair loss and hair transplant cure methods differ from person to person. For this, it is necessary to carefully follow the procedures that must be followed before and after hair transplantation, step by step. Every individual who wants successful and healthy growing hair should go to a doctor’s control after hair transplant cure methods. Because the treatment method continues after hair transplantation. In this article, we will talk about hair transplantation cure methods in detail.

Hair Transplant Cure

The causes of hair loss vary from person to person. While some people experience hair loss due to stress, this may be caused by psychological reasons, medications, and chemical hair care products used in others. There are also genetic causes of hair loss. Hair loss caused by the genes of the mother or father may also occur. You will need to talk to your doctor to find the root cause of hair loss. The treatment methods to be applied vary according to the cause of hair loss. Hair transplantation or medicine treatment is not applied to every person. First, the cause of hair loss should be learned.

To Whom Hair Transplantation is Applied?

Hair transplant cure methods are a permanent treatment method that can applied to anyone approved by specialist doctors. Hair transplant cure is a procedure apply to people who experience baldness and hair loss. After the hair transplantation process, the patient gets long healthy hair.

In general, hair transplantation is a hair treatment method that can applied to everyone. The important thing is that it should apply by specialist doctors.

Hair Transplant Cure Methods

Hair transplant cure has more than one different method. Along with advanced technology, there have been developments in the field of medicine. For this reason, hair transplantation methods also change day by day. The most known hair transplant methods of recent times are FUE and DHI treatment methods. FUE and DHI hair transplantation is hair transplantation treatments that are similar to each other but differ in terms of stages. While 3 stages are apply in FUE hair transplantation, 2 stages are apply in DHI hair transplantation.

How is Hair Transplantation Apply?

Hair transplantation methods and methods of application are different from each other. DHI hair transplantation is a 2-stage procedure. First, the donor area of ​​the patient is determine. Usually, the donor area is the nape or behind the ear. In some patients, this situation also changes as the chest. Hair follicles are take one by one from the donor area. Then, channels are open in the patient’s area where hair transplantation will performed. The grafts taken are place in the channels one by one. Opening the canal and placing the grafts consists of a single step. For this reason, DHI hair transplantation is seen as a 2-stage process.

Fue hair transplantation is a 3-stage procedure. The same procedures as in DHI hair transplantation are also valid for FUE hair transplantation. Grafts are take from the donor area. Then, channels are open on the patient’s head in the area where hair transplantation will performed, and grafts are place one by one in the opened channels. Opening the channels and placing the grafts are 2 separate processes. For this reason, FUE hair transplantation is known as a 3-stage hair transplantation method in total. 

Before and After Hair Transplant Cure

There are some procedures and steps to followed before and after hair transplant cure. If these procedures are follow one by one, the changes in the hair will become visibly noticeable. After hair transplantation, hair lotions recommended by the doctor should used. No cheap chemical hair care products should used. The use of pillows after hair transplantation is an important procedure for the patient. Because after hair transplantation, the donor area becomes a sensitive area. For this reason, hard pillows should not used to avoid damage to the donor area. You should also be sensitive when washing your hair.

Hair Transplant Cure Fee

Hair transplant cure fees vary from hospital to hospital and from person to person. The reason for this is the different hair transplant cure to be apply to each person and the number of grafts. In particular, the number of grafts is the most important factor affecting pricing. A different number of grafts are take from each patient. Therefore, there is pricing that varies from person to person. In addition, while hair transplant cure is cheaper in some countries, this situation differs in some countries. For example, hair transplant procedures in Turkey are cheaper compare to other European countries. The reason for this is that Turkey has become the capital of medical tourism for hair transplantation. Most hair transplant specialists work in hospitals in Turkey. For this reason, it is a country that has more than one option for hair transplantation. Advanced Hair Transplant

As a Result of the Hair Transplant Cure, Does the Patient Get the Hair They Want?

In general, as a result of the hair transplant cure, most patients will have the lush and healthy hair they want. From the 1st day of hair transplantation, the hair will start to grow. Hair transplantation methods are among the natural treatments. Because the donor is take from the patient themself and transferred to them again. After the hair transplantation process, a big change occurs, especially in the first 6 months. Hair grows visibly and positively affects the external appearance of the patient.

The cure to being apply to the patient after hair transplantation should given by the doctor. Otherwise, the treatment may be unsuccessful and negative. Cheap chemical hair care products should not used after hair transplantation. Such products will cause more damage to the patient’s hair. If the procedures are follow and under the supervision of a doctor, the patient will have hair that grows healthy and has a natural appearance.

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