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The Hair Replacement

The Hair Replacement

Hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from today. In addition, the rates of men encountering the problem of hair loss are much higher than those of women. Hair loss is a harbinger of baldness in men. But developing technology offers humanity many different solutions in this regard. Scalp micropigmentation, hair transplantation, hairline implant and hair replacement are some of these solutions. In addition, hair replacement is one of the most known methods. You can think of this method as a wig. But wearing a wig is artificial and provides a few hour’s solution. Hair replacement provides a more permanent solution. Moreover, it allows you to get a much more natural look than wigs.

Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is a very reasonable solution for anyone who can suffer from baldness caused by male or female hair loss. People can lose their hair for many reasons. Genetic factors, depression, medical drug use and vitamin deficiency are the main factors that cause hair loss. Experts and scientists have done countless research and studies for decades to find a solution to the problem of baldness. They developed many herbal mixtures, creams, pills, and serum. But nothing that scientists have developed has managed to literally stop hair loss. At this point, research focused on looking for solutions to the process after hair loss, not to prevent hair loss. At the end of this focus, many solutions emerged. The main solutions are scalp micropigmentation, hair powders and hair replacement.

Hair replacement surgery hair as they are talking about resources. This method offers a permanent and natural solution to patients suffering from hair loss. The cause of hair loss does not matter when this process gives a positive result. It is suitable for anyone who has shed hair, no matter what reason it falls out. Also, your natural hair becomes. Therefore, the use of artificial substances during the process is out of the question.

Hair Replacement vs Hair Transplant

These two methods are often confused with each other. Both are different solutions to the same problem. During hair transplantation, the patient experiences pain, swelling occurs in the head. In addition, after hair transplantation, the person sees the result between 12-18 months. Hair replacement procedure is not such a situation. No pain, no swelling. In an average of two hours, the patient gets healthy and healthy hair and can continue his life.

Hair replacement application cannot be any cuts, holes. For this reason, experts do not use anesthesia during this operation. All you need are hair prosthetic made from real hair and builders suitable for the person’s scalp. Prosthetic hair systems, on average, offer the person the opportunity to have a brand-new image within 2-3 hours. But, in the process of hair transplantation, it is necessary to apply local anesthesia. In addition, a specialist must drill holes in the scalp with needles. The healing process can also take up to three months.

For hair transplantation to occur, the stage of hair loss must be completed. Otherwise, it causes a worse appearance for the person who has undergone a hair transplant, as hair loss continues. In hair replacement system, there are no problems like these.

Advantages Of Hair Replacement

  • Hair replacement systems are designed by experts considering the structure of the hair. For this reason, it provides a more successful appearance than hair transplantation, albeit with power. Hair transplantation may not always be possible to obtain the desired amount of hair. This is not the case in hair replacement systems. You can choose your hair in the color, mode, and length you want.
  • First, i would like to say that hair replacement is not a dangerous system. It is developed by professional experts in the field. These prostheses are produced by advanced technical methods from one hundred percent human hair after studies that are considered thin. So, the adhesives used in this process are specially produced by experts considering the person’s allergies and skin sensitivity. Anyone no age limit. A person who has a hair replacement can immediately return to their daily life. If he wants, he can do his sport, take a shower, easily enter the pool or sea.
  • Hair loss in men between the ages of 20-35 is the time when loss is most felt. Therefore, there should be no surgical intervention at these times. The reason for this is that the most active periods of the person are in that age range. Hair transplantation can restrict a person’s life. Anyone who takes care of their personal care can easily use this hair.

How Long Is a Hair Replacement Used?

As with any product, the life of hair is variable in prosthetic hair application. These variables are the quality and technical characteristics of the hair used. First, you should know that the life of correctly used hair prosthetic can find 4 or even 5 years. In other words, the care routine of the person who has made the prosthesis is very important at this point.

Second, one person can use a hair prosthesis with the same product quality for an average of 1 -1.5 years, while another can use it for 4-5 years with careful care. But, apart from the use of a person, prosthetic features are also among the features that determine the life of use. Also, natural and natural-looking thin hair replacement can be used for up to 1 year, while the life of the hair replacement prepared by the thicker and stronger knot method can be found to be 3-4 years. As a result, if you want it to look very natural, you can also make a negative decision. Hair Implants

Who Can Hair Replacement Be Applied to?

Hair replacement application can be applied to anyone. Young, old, women, men don not matter. Being over 12 is enough. In short, there are no great conditions for having prosthetic hair. Genetic and physiological hair loss of prosthetic hair. it is a method applied after hair loss because of chemotherapy or similar treatments. So, uses hair breakers and similar skin diseases because of subsequent problems.

What Are the Stages of Hair Replacement?
  • The first stage is measurement. The first procedure at the dimensioning stage of hair replacement is the procedure performed on the bald parts of the person. In this procedure, the patient’s face and head structure also creates a symmetrical pattern.
  • Second stage placement, for the success of the application, a lot of attention needs to be paid at the stage of placement of the prosthesis.
  • The third stage is design, and the final stage in the hair replacement process is design. The design phase of the hair prosthesis covers the shaping and cutting of the hair prosthesis specially prepared and fixed to the head according to the facial structure of the individual. The Future Hair Loss Cure

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